Similar to a financial advisor, we are your partner in energy savings. We use our expertise to minimize the cost of energy for your real estate assets.

WE Provide Strategic Energy Management


Why do asset managers need an energy management partner?

  • Energy bills are complex and errors are difficult to identify.

  • Hidden fees make comparing 3rd party supply contracts difficult.

  • Prices are volatile. Price controls must be correctly implemented to bring not just consistency, but also savings.

"We are saving 10-15% on our energy bills by using M3 Energy. We have over 50 properties and that savings really adds up."

Jon Nagin
Superior Management Inc.

How do energy management services save time and money?

M3 Energy is a trusted partner to real estate asset managers for strategic energy management services. M3 Energy helps asset managers save money on energy and save time and worry in handling energy compliance and administration. On average, M3 Energy clients realize a 10% annual savings in energy procurement as well as additional savings from government programs and more efficient energy use by their assets.

Unlike energy brokers, M3 Energy is a fully transparent and honest partner in your business that takes the burden of energy management off your shoulders. M3 Energy stays involved after energy procurement with the following included services to ensure continued savings. M3 Energy is also in complete alignment with your goals so that achieving energy savings is always a win-win.