“M3 Energy quickly uncovered a 28% savings for one of our properties. They are a valuable partner for our business.”

Amit Khurana
Founding Partner
Sumaida + Khurana

About SumaidA + Khurana

  • Developer of luxury residential condo developments in NYC

  • Over 300,000 square feet of ground-up projects currently in development

Growing Smart Means Keeping Costs in Check


Sumaida + Khurana is building a distinctive portfolio of developments and is always looking for opportunities to create cost savings in its projects.  The firm had worked with energy brokers before that did not create meaningful results.  A trustworthy partner for energy management who could work alongside their asset managers to achieve significant energy savings was needed.


M3 Energy quickly learned the energy needs of Sumaida + Khurana’s assets and found a low cost solution for both natural gas and electricity. This gave the firm the predictability and savings they were looking for in their energy bills. Sumaida + Khurana’s principal Amit Khurana commented on his experience with principal consultant Craig Wilson, “Craig has gone the extra mile in providing great service and financial value.  His professionalism, knowledge and understanding of our needs is exceptional.“


Sumaida + Khurana saved 28% on their energy costs using M3 Energy services. Amit Khurana, Founding Partner, Sumaida + Khurana states, “We have been impressed by the significant cost savings that M3 Energy has delivered. They have provided exceptional value-add services that save our team time and resources.”