Asset managers handle lots of complexity, but managing energy purchasing in a deregulated system requires specific expertise and knowledge. Asset managers who partner with a trusted energy procurement expert get the best rates, with predictable outcomes and full transparency.

Asset Managers SAVE WITH M3 ENERGY

Our Unique Solution for Energy Procurement

Most energy brokers leave after contracts are signed. Our unique process for energy procurement allows M3 Energy to partner with you in obtaining predictability and cost savings. And we work to find savings throughout the full term of an energy contract, not just during the energy purchasing phase.

How M3 Energy is different from energy brokers:

  • We gain a deep historical understanding of your asset’s energy needs.

  • We monitor energy invoices to ensure there are no billing errors.

  • We research market trends and emerging energy programs to find additional savings.

  • We advise on energy efficiency and assists in program compliance.

"Energy procurement rates are so complicated. There are so many that it is hard to know whether or not you’re being overcharged.
M3 Energy had the expertise to save us money."

Jon Nagin
VP at Superior Management Incorporated

We Share Your GOAL OF Energy Cost Savings

M3 Energy is motivated by energy cost savings for our clients. That means that we’re constantly looking for ways to save you money beyond energy procurement. And the results speak volumes. On average our clients can expect 10% annual savings on their energy expenses.

Additional savings can be found from our included services such as:

“We knew our energy costs were high. We needed to work with an energy expert who knew the market and could find reductions.
M3 Energy has that expertise.”

Jay Cengiz
Associate, Camber Propery Group