“It’s a must to work with an energy expert you can trust. With M3 Energy, we know we are getting the best possible price and paying the price we contracted.”

Jon Nagin
Vice President
Superior Management

About Superior Management:

  • Located in NYC

  • Manages and operates over 1000 residential and commercial rental spaces

  • Owns and operates over 50 buildings in downtown Manhattan, NY

Energy Bill Review Revealed Billing Errors and Dishonesty


Superior Management was using a broker for natural gas procurement. While they weren’t aware of any issues, they figured it wouldn’t hurt to have M3 Energy perform a free energy bill review to determine if they were getting the best price. The evaluation revealed supplier billing errors and broker supply contract manipulation.


M3 Energy immersed itself in the energy needs of Superior Management’s assets by performing a forensic utility audit of over 600 historical invoices and contracts. M3 Energy then conducted a formal Request for Proposals and received bids from multiple suppliers for natural gas. This procurement process allowed Superior to obtain natural gas at the lowest available unit cost and most consistent rate. With the natural gas procured, M3 Energy continues to monitor the market and government programs for additional cost savings for their assets.


Jon Nagin, VP at Superior Management states, “We are saving 10-15% on our energy bills by using M3 Energy. We have over 50 properties and that savings really adds up.” Superior Management also has peace of mind that their energy needs are in the hands of trusted experts.