Monitoring Energy Market Volatility for Savings

Economists recognize energy, and natural gas in particular, as one of the most volatile commodities. Careful research and monitoring of energy market trends can therefore provide opportunities to purchase energy at lower rates. Asset managers don’t have the time to research and follow daily energy market changes. That’s why M3 Energy continuously monitors energy market volatility for all customers.

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“Our asset managers understand the basics of energy, but don’t have the deep expertise or the time to monitor the market. That’s why
M3 Energy is a critical member of our team.”

Jay Cengiz
Associate, Camber Property Group

Uncovering Alternative Energy Programs to Save Money

There are many public programs that provide funding to increase the use of alternative energy by real estate companies. M3 Energy stays informed of these programs and emerging opportunities. When a client qualifies for a program, M3 Energy informs the client and assists in the application process, all included in their comprehensive energy services.

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