Why should you get an energy evaluation?

Energy rates are extremely complex. It is difficult to compare what you are paying with pass through charges, taxes and hidden fees being common in energy contracts. Asset managers need an energy expert to sort through the complexity and find the savings.

This free bill review will take less than 1 hour of your time in uploading invoices and reviewing the results. You’ll get details in just 2-5 days on how (and how much) you can save money on energy. And if our energy consulting expert can’t find any savings, we’ll let you know that too so you can have validation that you are doing the right thing.

“M3 Energy was fast and professional in their review. In just a few days they discovered we were being overcharged by 28%.  Everyone should take advantage of this evaluation!”

Amit Khurana
Founding Partner, Sumaida + Khurana

How does an energy bill review work?

In just a few easy steps, you can be on your way to determining if you could be saving money on energy for your various accounts and assets.


Step 1

Complete the simple form below to be contacted by an M3 Energy consultant.

Step 2

An M3 Energy consultant will schedule a short call to obtain the information necessary for the review.  Within 2 to 5 business day, the consultant will determine what you are actually paying, where you can save money and how to achieve the projected savings.

Step 3

The M3 Energy consultant will then meet with you and your colleagues to review the financial performance of the assets evaluated.


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“We thought our energy needs were handled, but figured a free invoice evaluation couldn't hurt. We were shocked to find both significant billing errors and a rate discrepancy with our now former energy broker.”

Jon Nagin
Vice President
Superior Management Inc.